Surfboard Consumer Website & Mobile Apps

Better experiences driving better brand relationships.


The Challenge

A household name is losing ground to nimble competitors online.


Increased awareness, traffic, and conversions. Successful launch of new app-driven flagship product.

A Winning Lineup

"The Interaction Design and Advanced Logic teams accomplished something truly transcendent. They gave a new sense of excitement to a trusted brand, while educating both retailers and the general public about what made the client's products so special."


After working with ARRIS on the initial relaunch of the SURFboard website several years ago, Redsqware has been partnering with their agency – Signature Communications - to deliver new user experiences and code solutions specifically for the business to consumer (B2C) market. The SURFboard.com website was first envisioned as a support vehicle for the relaunch of the SURFboard brand of cable modems. The SURFboard brand is the best-selling range of cable modems ever, with over 200 million units sold.

Because the SURFboard name originally had been the property of Motorola, ARRIS was in need of a fresh online brand strategy for its consumer products. The objective was multi-faceted; to create an association between ARRIS and SURFboard, to create awareness of the ARRIS brand, and to educate both consumers and brick-and-mortar sales personnel.

From zero to millions of users in three years flat.

Version 1.0 of SURFboard.com first launched in 2014 on the WordPress platform. The site was only intended to serve as a clearinghouse for support issues and product specifications, but the B2C marketing team envisioned something much more robust, with high-end UI components and visually arresting content.

The temporary site built by Redsqware served for the next three years, as traffic went from zero to over 3 million users. This was in part due to the innovative relaunch campaign, which went beyond paid search to include advertising on sites like Speedtest.net, native content on industry blogs, and online video. WordPress had served admirably as a low-cost development framework. But as the number of users continued to climb, the need for a lightweight, large enterprise solution was in order. The client elected to used the ASP.NET-based EpiServer platform for Version 2.0 of the website.

(Re)launching a Legend

The launch of the new site was intended to set the stage for the launch of the company's most important consumer product in years – the mAX WiFi System. mAX was the first product that made full use of the new 802.11ax MESH (Wi-Fi 6) standard to deliver Gigabit wireless internet speeds for the mass market. To inform its strategic and tactical decision-making, ARRIS commissioned a competitor benchmarking study from Redsqware. Major brand alternatives were audited to analyze the breadth, depth, and delivery of their content online. Stack configuration and performance were included as part of the study, as was traffic data, paid search, strengths, and weaknesses.

Redsqware provided front end development and design services for the new release, which was evolutionary in nature – primarily using brand components developed by Signature Communications; ARRIS' B2C agency of record. Based on Analytics and historical data collected from the legacy site, Redsqware recommended a new information hierarchy and taxonomy for version 2.0 of SURFboard.com.

For version 2.0, ARRIS decided a facelift was in order for the brand, so Redsqware developed a visual lexicon for online use that fit into existing brand guidelines while still pushing the creative envelope. In addition to animations and a new design system, our team provided front end development, change management, and usability services for the new EpiServer implementation, which continues to be the primary driver of customer interactions for the consumer brand.

"Redsqware has a way of working that's completely unique. Every team member assumes 100% responsibility for the client outcome. That level of ownership and accountability lends itself to absolutely amazing work. They all share one thing in common. The belief that something can always be better."


mAXimizing Usability

The launch of the new mAX Router halo product drove the development of a completely new mobile app that helped users set up and manage the product. At the outset of this effort, ARRIS commissioned a second business intelligence study to review competitive products already in the marketplace. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each solution, a clear strategy was established for the mAX Manager app.

We worked onsite in California with the customer's technical and product management teams to create a completely new approach to user onboarding for the mAX product. Redsqware again delivered experience design and front end components in addition to a working prototype. The result was that the app became an integral part of the mAX's rapid market penetration.

"...Set up was a breeze for my router and both satellites. Easy to monitor my network and Wi-Fi is FAST. High marks all around!"


Better Apps; Better Outcomes

Following the success of the new site, the client requested that Redsqware spearhead development of its new MSO app experience. Using the design language we'd created, we delivered a fresh new interpretation of an aging mobile experience. We partnered with in-house engineering and product teams to reimagine a hastily deployed initial effort into a more modern, concise flow that improved usability ratings and increased adoption.

The customer wanted something that maintained brand integrity while at the same time permitting easy white labelling by service providers. Front end components and markup were provided to the client teams using Zeplin, with prototype development conducted in FramerX. We worked with the client during the testing process to ensure both business requirements and user convenience were effectively balanced.

The result was an improvement in user ratings, with a decrease in support calls. As part of the knowledge transfer process, Redsqware established a workflow that allowed the customer automate the provision of future user interface components as they were able to upgrade back end engineering capabilities. Special requests are handled by an internal UX team, with continuous deployments pushed from a custom-configured repository. A DevOps/API solution designed specifically for the client was also put in place to further optimize front end automation and integrate data from the existing .NET web presence with new ARRIS mobile infrastructure as the client developed it. This included the provision of governance, operative and compliance protocols to enhance security and manage risk.

Retailer Education through Mobility

Marketing data suggested that many buyers do research online prior to selecting a product. But this isn't the only purchase path. A significant percentage of customers visit an actual store to acquaint themselves with what's available in the home networking category prior to making a purchase.

Often these customer interactions involve a discussion with a sales specialist or the use an interactive kiosk to learn about specific features and benefits. The SURFboard Concierge app was purpose built for the tablets used by employees in-store, as well as those on point of sale displays. To aid retailer personnel and shoppers in learning more about the SURFboard product line, Redsqware developed an engaging UX powered by ReactJS. This application framework was based on earlier work we'd done for the annual Consumer Electronics Show the previous year. Back end tasks are handled by a services architecture which employs remotely synced information from the client's product database.

In order to provide buyers with the best answers to their individual needs, the app asks questions about their specific home networking needs; using illustrations and simple layman's terms. Behind the scenes, these choices are part of a comprehensive customer assessment; applying filters for unit quantity, signal quality, price, and device interoperation; among other criteria. The .NET CMS used by the web version of the Concierge includes an admin dashboard that controls application logic and product content. These are applied automatically to the product search using an API which returns relevant specifications from an engineering database based on the user's selections. Reporting from CRM integrations and app analytics channels yielded a marked increase in positive feedback. This includes increased brand awareness and product fluency among buyers and associates at participating locations. A global/multinational solution is currently under development, among other initiatives.

Building on Success

Redsqware has worked with the home networking business unit since it was owned by Google Mobility several years ago. The recent acquisition of ARRIS by CommScope for $7.4 billion includes consumer offerings. Post-purchase, Redsqware continues to assist the client under contract with strategic deployment and design capabilities. Additional Redsqware responsibilities include contract labor, traffic analysis and business intelligence (B.I.) gathering to inform continuous improvement and content optimization across teams.



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