Celebrating Four Years of Doing Things Differently

With the relaunch of our website, we are also proud to mark Redsqware’s 4th full year of operation. Against all odds, we have prevailed to this point through simple, dogged determination and a willingness to take on the tough questions. In an industry rife with imitation, misrepresentation, and laurels to rest upon, we’ve bucked the trend and continued to reinvent ourselves and our services to match the evolving needs of our clients and partners. We’ve tried to remain part of the conversation, while consistently delivering quality work with enthusiasm and attention to detail.

What began as a humble start up focused on WordPress development has evolved into a 30+ member collective representing a wide range of the very best developers, designers, project managers, architects, analysts, and consultants working today. Time and again, when we saw someone doing something amazing, we resisted the temptation to imitate. Instead, we asked them to join us and become a part of something truly unique. Today, that unique whole is far greater than the mere sum of its parts.

The truth is that Redsqware has succeeded because every one of our team members directly benefits from our success.

While others looked for the next “big thing”, we looked for the next “best in class” player. We’ve worked hard to create documentation, deployment, and project management solutions to maximize agility – and satisfaction; for both clients and team members. Instead of telling them what we do, we asked them what they needed and how we could do it better. Then we worked our asses off to deliver it.

Successful custom development on multiple platforms requires first and foremost that you accept one simple fact: there’s someone out there doing something better than you. If you’ve got something special to offer them, they may even do it better – for you. Constant re-optimization and ethics-oriented operations haven’t always been easy. It has required a willingness to share, learn, and grow. It has required that we sublimate pure profit motive in favor of a balanced, long-term approach that everyone can feel good about.

We created Redsqware because we believed it was time for a company that could handle complex, multi-faceted technology problems – regardless of scale. Services like our hybrid cloud solutions are the next step in that evolution. While others moved from one client to the next, we emphasized long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Those relationships are based on trust built over time. Whether it’s Drupal, Dynamics, or design, we made finding the best talent around the world our top priority. We like to think that the results speak for themselves.




Jon Gifford


After more than 21 years of experience in the digital marketing and advertising industries (including some painful learning experiences in the tech startup game) I co-founded Redsqware in early 2012. Having searched at great length (and without success), we decided to just give up – and became the kickass agency development partner we'd always wanted for ourselves. Our goals were threefold: to uplift our clients, to empower our people, and to put extraordinary tools within the reach of anyone. My philosophy is that given time, quality work and great service will always rise to the top. I believe that doing right by customers and employees is always the right thing to do. I loathe chest beating of any kind, but I love innovation – and the people all around us who drive it. I believe wholeheartedly that the more open the web is, the better off we'll all eventually be. I don't have an autonomous car, but my pickup truck is old enough to drive itself. I'm a father to three amazing kids, and a husband to a wonderful woman. In my free time I can be found wandering the beaches of either coast in search of waves and new friends; or prowling the streets of Philadelphia looking for our family's next dog rehab project.

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