Management Team

Jon Gifford

Chief Operating Officer

Jon brings over 25 years of experience to his role at Redsqware, including 15 years in software development. He’s managed projects, application development, cost compliance, business automation, and other IT solutions for some of the world’s largest enterprises. He’s more than a technologist; he’s a lover of research and an ethicist. Having lived all over the world – in countries as diverse as Brazil, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the Netherlands – has given Jon a truly global perspective. Including the ability to communicate effectively in three languages, and kickass Charades skills. Jon is an earnest believer in the power of technology to build bridges between people and create transformative change for clients, team members, and users alike. He’s also a father of three, a deep water surfer, and an animal rights advocate.

Tony DeMarco

Chief Marketing Officer

In addition to sitting on the board at Redsqware, Tony has been a successful owner and partner at Signature Communications for over 30 years. He has created digital and traditional campaigns that have set the high water mark for an impressive roster of clients. Tony has particularly extensive expertise in the healthcare sector, having worked with large health systems, manufacturers, and non-profits on agile initiatives and data-driven digital transformation. Tony brings decades of human resources and business compliance expertise to his role at Redsqware. He also understands the client side and the agency business from every angle. If you’re looking to test your autocross skills, Tony is also a member of the North American Porsche Club, and owner of the storied Dangerboy Garage.

Bob Brown

Managing Partner

Bob is a successful business owner, visionary, and investor many times over. He brings more than three decades of industry experience managing client operations for some of the world’s largest, most respected brands to his role at Redsqware. His years of experience as a fire fighter for the city of Philadelphia in a former life mean that he’s always cool under pressure, and looks out for everyone around him. He’s a tireless advocate for our team members, and an insightful, disciplined manager. Bob never fails to see things from a client’s perspective – and helps keeps Redsqware on the rails with his calm, thoughtful manner, and eerie ability to forecast market trends. He’s a grandfather, a mentor, and a guy you just want to have a beer with. If you’ve got a tough subject, chances are that Bob has a disarming joke to match