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Decades of experience meets bleeding edge IT innovation.

Redsqware provides proven web and application development services for Healthcare and Science. Including offshore sourcing, mobile web apps, and hybrid services. We identify solutions, build teams, and manage delivery to fit the exact needs of each customer.

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At Redsqware, we understand application development and maintenance for the Health and Sciences categories. Our teams have decades of combined work experience with the unique demands of the healthcare space, including security and compliance. We have proven experience developing apps and mobile solutions for health IT organizations, including hospitals, health systems, private practitioners, non-profits, and start-ups.


Our specialty is on-time and on-budget agile IT solutions for unique use cases. We have experience working with platforms like AWS, Azure, and Cloud Foundry, including standards-compliant app development and testing services. Whether you’re looking for SaaS, PaaS, or XaaS, we have the knowledge and the global contacts to build fairly compensated teams of trusted, top talent to precisely match your needs.


Redsqware offers reliable ethical consulting, and on-demand development capabilities to match the most demanding client requirements. We provide a truly end-to-end risk management solution for enterprise application development.


Healthcare is, now more than ever, a special use case that requires additional diligence in identifying potential problems and reducing the risk inherent in the development, deployment, and daily management of applications and web services.


We have the development muscle and knowledge to provide you with game-changing solutions, regardless of budget and time constraints. We’ve developed innovative approaches to data collection and management in health services IT, including secure, stable, custom mobile web apps designed to increase mobility and accuracy of reporting.

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