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SCTE.org Website

The SCTE.org website is much more than just a pretty face. In addition to integrations with the non-profit's numerous third-party systems, it leverages data from across the enterprise to develop detailed user profiles. Using onsite behavior, frequency of visitation, course performance, certification data, and numerous other data points, Redsqware helped the client build a proprietary analytics solution that gives them a more accurate window into its members' needs, so it can serve them better. It also serves as a virtual training center for SCTE's Corporate Alliance partners, where they can develop and administer employee education programs customized to precisely fit their business requirements, and operations needs.

Redsqware used our proprietary, first-in-class React CMS to empower content managers with drag-and-drop editing capabilities and realtime browser testing. By integrating with the client's catalog, course database, and back office systems, we developed a custom e-commerce solution to minimize dropped carts. Individual users can manage their profiles, make purchases, contribute to the standards development process, locate resources, find a local chapter, and access other SCTE apps with a single login. A powerful, intelligent custom search developed specifically for the client's unique needs intuitively offers results based on previous behavior, the area of the site they are visiting, past searches, and numerous filters that can be applied by the user. The sheers size and depth of the site are impressive, but the sophisticated simplicity of the User Interface make everything feel manageable and close at hand.

Category : Enterprise Web , Business Apps , Health & Science , Products & Services

Project Services

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • AWS EC2
  • Systems Architecture
  • Integrated LMS
  • User Management
  • Custom Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Coursework
  • Certification Support
  • Standards Development
  • First-in-Class CMS
  • Industry Resource Center
  • User Experience
  • Interface Design
  • Engineering