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Reaching Healthy Caring Cloud Web Application

Redsqware worked with Philadelphia-based non-profit Reaching Healthy, a provider of community health initiatives, to deliver the RH Caring Cloud web application. Reaching Healthy’s mission is centered around community outreach, and delivering health education services to traditionally underserved segments of the urban population. By working with the city of Philadelphia’s Free Public Library, the organization provides Registered Nurses (RNs) as a point of contact within Philadelphia’s public libraries.

Redsqware developed a secure, responsive, HIPAA-compliant hybrid web application to monitor interactions between the public and caregivers. Often, contact with a person in need requires multiple follow ups, so the application includes unique features like appointment reminders, secure note-taking, messaging, document management, and referral tracking. The Caring Cloud web application employs end-to-end encryption to lock down data submission, storage, and retrieval.

Confidentiality was a cornerstone of the new system’s conception. All data is based on an anonymous ID number for each participant, along with an opt-in photo record so that timely, anonymous referrals for care can be provided – even to minors and their guardians. An encrypted custom database was designed to enable both categorical and status reporting. The system allows quantitative data to be exported in common file formats, according to user-specified parameters. The result is that statistical analysis of trends and participant needs can be performed easily and effectively in real time. The customer retains full ownership of an application with a dedicated support team, minus licensing fees and hidden costs.

The goals of the pilot program web application’s design are twofold; to create a baseline set of statistics on the most needy cases (seldom recorded data on this segment of the populace), and to provided anonymous, timely referrals to caregivers; using a robust, scalable, open source framework that the client can own outright. The hosting implementation designed and hardened by Redsqware’s engineering team makes use of Rackspace’s HIPAA-compliant storage solution.

The app’s data management dashboard provides a top-level view of all activity, and includes various levels of access for nurses. Administration, user management, and access control are locked down to the specific 3G enabled tablet carried by each caregiver. The system was so simple and intuitive that social services workers active in the public space were recently added. The scalable architecture of the web app means that these new care partners could be quickly added as a second user group – with their own unique access permissions to ensure compliance.

Redsqware understands how important it is to provide cost-effective, secure, and well-documented solutions for non-profit use. Our systems architects make sure each project – including testing and quality assurance measures – is conceived in a manner that emphasizes both standards compliance and the customer’s unique requirements. Because we believe in the power of code and ideas to do good.

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