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Pacific Western Bank

Redsqware developed the new pacificwesternbank.com site together with Washington DC firm Interactive Strategies. The site uses the client’s proprietary codebase and mobile first approach to Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets). Redsqware provided all written documentation used to develop the site, and wrote all code to match existing client standards. Unique features include an ATM and branch locator tool, and well conceived content blocks with useful information; such as dynamic rates based on the user’s geographic location.

Data was pulled from Google’s Maps API and third party location databases to provide regularly updated distance and longitudinal / latitudinal positioning. Back end functionality included a modified version of the client’s own Drupal dashboard module to provide the client with a familiar user interface that was consistent with other existing sites. Redsqware prides itself on being able to integrate rapidly and seamlessly into a client’s existing deployment architecture and code base, regardless of complexity and methodology.

Category : Enterprise Web , Banking & Finance
Tags : Agency Development , Content Management Systems , Drupal , Financial Services , Google API Integration , Mobile First UX , Online Banking , Redsqware , Responsive Design , Sass Scripting , Technology Consulting