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Morningstar Solar String Tool Web Application

The Morningstar Solar String Tool Web Application is an example of how providing a dedicated and unique application as a free service can elevate a company’s brand authority substantially, and set them apart. Morningstar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of solar technology based in Newtown, PA. Providing support for solar engineers as they work to create new systems based on the unique requirements of their customers is mission critical for the enterprise. Redsqware worked directly with the engineering team at Morningstar to provide the Solar String Tool, a Javascript-based engineering tool that uses data from competitive products by other manufacturers and specifications from Morningstar’s product line to calculate optimum operating ranges for specific systems, based on user inputs of their own design parameters.

The String Tool web application uses literally hundreds of thousands of potential variables and complex, rules-based logic, along with automatic updates from third party databases, to deliver precise measurements for desirable voltage, temperature, and system tolerances. Redsqware contributed not merely programming services, but also user interface design, systems architecture, logic, and advanced mathematics to the project. The result is a standards-based open source web application that the client owns completely, and can update themselves for years to come.

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