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Clinician’s Corner Social CRM

LiteCure needed a more effective replacement for its existing customer service portal that was brand-compliant, and consistent with its existing network of websites. Redsqware advised them to build a proprietary system that the company could own, rather than settling for an existing product that didn’t meet all their needs. Our team audited the existing solution, and identified significant gaps in the client’s service delivery methodology. We determined that these “bounce” points could be remedied by developing a more comprehensive, powerful, web application.

The company has many diverse types of customers – including vets, physicians, and physical therapists. This meant that the solution architecture needed to account for displaying both different content and unique branding, based on existing customer database parameters. User IDs were stored in Magento, so bridge code was written to align the Magento database with the CMS back end. The client also wanted a fully responsive user experience (UX), with clean, modern CSS3 styling for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Each group of users also includes several levels of account access, so that premium subscribers to LiteCure’s customer service plan get to view content which other users do not. The new Clinician’s Corner site provides each user type with a unique user interface (UI). The UI is rendered based on which user group the visitor is part of, but also the level of support that they have purchased. The new Clinician’s Corner portal delivers many valuable features that didn’t exist in the previous version. Highlights include customer support ticketing, push updates for the company’s iPad apps, document management, private web forums, dynamic FAQs, user-specific dashboard alerts, web store integration, events management, custom user profiles, and custom Google Maps. The geolocation mapping system developed by Redsqware pulls data from a private support database to display vendor information on the front end of the appropriate LiteCure marketing website.

Data flow between the new system and the client’s Dynamics AX platform was also implemented by Redsqware. Full ERP integration allows custom views to display for sales, support, and management – keeping everyone on top of what matters most to them. Customers surveyed through the platform seem to particularly enjoy seeing the activity feed. This unique feature uses a Facebook-style layout to let registered users know what other users and admins are doing – and provides status updates on current support queries, purchases, and services. To strengthen sales and conversion rates, this networked CRM portal also shows e-commerce customers items in the webstore that are directly related to previously purchased equipment. Sell-through by the new system increased substantially enough to cover acquisition costs within the first three months.

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