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ARRIS Network Assistant Mobile App

The ARRIS Network Assistant Mobile App is a perfect example of the unique type of development solutions Redsqware provides. ARRIS is a multi-billion-dollar global technology conglomerate with numerous and varied Strategic Business Units (SBUs). Along with our agency partner, Redsqware was recently contracted to provide end-to-end consulting, design, and development solutions for the company’s entire app portfolio. The SURFboard Network Assistant was what got it all started. The original ARRIS Network Assistant Mobile App was developed by Redsqware for ARRIS International.

Our involvement with the specific product line actually began when the business was owned by Motorola, and continued during the time it was owned by Google Mobility. Our close working relationship with the ARRIS product teams began in 2013, and has continued to today. During that time, our team has gathered a great deal of attention within the company and amongst channel partners for their turnkey work with the consumer and enterprise connectivity marketing teams on various projects, including the phenomenally successful The site attracts over 3 million users a year, and is a cornerstone of the company’s consumer marketing strategy. E-commerce capability was recently added, to extend the purchase experience even further.

The ARRIS Network Assistant Mobile App was designed to provide a valuable resource for salespeople and customers alike at point of sale. Users can interact with the tool by providing simple answers to plainly-stated questions about networking. The questions and the app itself are designed to provide a feeling of simplicity and clarity – while driving the customer towards the products that best fit their needs. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot more the experience, with advanced custom logic and cutting edge React Native UI components providing a strong backbone for future releases. Interestingly enough, Redsqware developed the original prototype for this virtual kiosk software in less than 6 weeks from beginning to end – including advanced logic, interface design, and implementing phased test plan.

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