Year of the Metal Rat

January 27, 2020

January 25 is the Chinese New Year.

An auspicious time for a blog update, I think.

This is the Year of the Rat in the zodiac cycle. 2020's element is metal – making this the Year of the Metal Rat. Awesome name for an album, but I digress. According to the Zodiac, 2020 will be a year of new beginnings for most of us.

Redsqware is particularly proud of our team members in Pakistan. They're leading the way on social justice, gender equality, and skills development in their community.

Through business and technical training, employment assistance, and a critical first step up the career ladder, these brave individuals are creating the chance of a fresh start for those around them; right where they live and work. This is especially important in places where opportunities for women are few, and a living wage can mean greater independence and personal safety for those who have traditionally been marginalized.

Speaking of beginnings – for a few years now, we've been toying around with ideas for a new website. The truth is we repeatedly began and discarded different versions of the new; as we played around with concepts, interfaces, and stacks. There were lots of exciting new member and client cases to share; a deep well of past experience and personal expertise. But after 7 years, there was so much to tell that the creative and editorial process seemed daunting. Eventually, it was unanimously agreed that detailed customer stories should be the backbone of the new site. You'll find the first handful of them here:

It was also important to share these stories in a form that did equal justice to the complexity of the prospect problems and the elegance of the solutions. The final requirement for v3.0 was an online experience that communicated the original perspective and sense of wonder we share. Aaand now you know why a new site took us three years of experimenting.

Once again, new disciplines were added to our lineup. A treasure trove of fresh member and team cases, making even broader expertise available to our customers.

As 2020 begins, we've embraced the inevitability of continuous change while managing to hold fast to our core principles. The business and risk management advantages of offshore IT management consulting and technology shell partnerships are gaining broad acceptance. We continue to grow as a result, and Redsqware's future looks brighter than ever.

سوله دې درسره وي

Peace be with you.

Jon Gifford

I co-founded Redsqware in 2012 after 21 years in digital and advertising (plus a painful learning experience in the startup game). Having searched at great length (and without success), we decided to just become the kickass agency development partner we'd always wanted for ourselves. We've always had the same three goals; to uplift clients, empower people, and to create extraordinary tools together. I know that acting in the best interest of customers and team members is always the right thing to do. Because they're usually the same thing if you're doing it right. I know in time companies who do quality work, act with integrity, and provide phenomenal service set themselves apart. I believe in my heart that the more open the web is, the better off we'll all eventually be. I don't own a self-driving car, but my pickup truck is old enough to drive itself. I'm not into accolades or social media fame. I'm into fairness. I'm into people who care. I'm into responsible risk taking. And I'm really, really into people with new ideas. I'm a father to three amazing children, and a husband to a wonderful woman. In my free time, I wander beaches on both coasts finding waves and new friends, skate our halfpipe with the kids (ow), and lurk online for foster dogs.