The journey continues

November 11, 2019

The last year and a half has been the most exciting time in our history, and I've been remiss in posting here about all the things happening at Redsqware.

By focusing on our role as a consulting company, we tripled bandwidth and volume between 2017 and 2019. Our average project size has done likewise, a direct result of our shift in focus to new and bleeding edge technologies. We've really hit our stride and it's exciting to see that our codebase has kept up; including the world's first React-based drag and drop CMS, and our own e-commerce API. We developed a headless Laravel product with LMS functionality, as well. And those are just a few of the things happening.

We've also invested substantially in our UX/UI capabilities, developing world-class projects like the mAX mobile app. We've helped a couple of major new players develop stacks to match some pretty unique use cases, including engines for complex computation, and custom algorithms to visualize some equally large data.

But really; I'm most proud of the fact that we've done it all by maintaining our commitment to fairness. To our clients, to our team members, and to our partners. By building our reputation as a tight-knit, quality-focused organization, and holding fast to the values RSL was founded on, we've continued to set ourselves apart, slowly but surely.

Yep, every day brings something new. Whether it's a project delivered, a lesson learned, a new client, or something waiting to be discovered. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds in store.

Jon Gifford

I co-founded Redsqware in 2012 after 21 years in digital and advertising (plus a painful learning experience in the startup game). Having searched at great length (and without success), we decided to just become the kickass agency development partner we'd always wanted for ourselves. We've always had the same three goals; to uplift clients, empower people, and to create extraordinary tools together. I know that acting in the best interest of customers and team members is always the right thing to do. Because they're usually the same thing if you're doing it right. I know in time companies who do quality work, act with integrity, and provide phenomenal service set themselves apart. I believe in my heart that the more open the web is, the better off we'll all eventually be. I don't own a self-driving car, but my pickup truck is old enough to drive itself. I'm not into accolades or social media fame. I'm into fairness. I'm into people who care. I'm into responsible risk taking. And I'm really, really into people with new ideas. I'm a father to three amazing children, and a husband to a wonderful woman. In my free time, I wander beaches on both coasts finding waves and new friends, skate our halfpipe with the kids (ow), and lurk online for foster dogs.