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Business Application Development:
Reliable, ethical onshore and offshore ADM outsourcing. Redsqware offers application development and management outsourcing services that precisely match your requirements. We offer cost-effective service and fixed-fee pricing options, and stand behind our estimates 100%.

Case Studies

These days, application development and maintenance isn’t just for large enterprise. Reliable, ethical onshore and offshore ADM outsourcing is a powerful competitive advantage for our customers. Redsqware give businesses and non-profits new tools for achieving operational efficiency.


Redsqware has broad, deep application development experience, employing diverse frameworks. We can help you to formulate a customer-centric strategy for demanding, compliance-related use cases. Such as for the Health and Science industries. Quality progressive web apps (PWAs) and purpose-built ADM solutions are now within the reach of any enterprise. With a wealth of data warehousing options like AWS and Rackspace, and a broad spectrum of compliant technologies, it’s no secret why more and more enterprises are deciding to build their own solutions at scale.


Our application development and management teams represent today’s most popular ADM platforms, frameworks, and skill sets. For half a decade, we’ve maintained a winning track record for seamless, on-time delivery.  We stand behind every single estimate 100%. Regardless of scope and scale. So you never have to worry about creeping costs or hidden fees.


Whether you require inventory tracking, patient outreach, customer relations management (CRM), a private social network, a calculation tool, systems integration, business intelligence (BI) or something completely new – our architects, developers and designers will help craft a powerful, scalable solution to precisely fit your needs – using common standards. The right application can literally change the way in which you do business, and can add substantial value for your entire organization.

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Essent MI Agent Online Promotion

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Clinician’s Corner Social CRM

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Reaching Healthy
Caring Cloud Web Application

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Morningstar Solar
String Tool Web Application

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Morningstar Asset Library Web Application

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ACS Central Science
Journal Mobile App

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arris network assistant product selection logic

ARRIS Network Assistant
Mobile App

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Health System Specialties

In Business Apps / Enterprise Web / Health & Science

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